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Contact Us:  (+65) 6861-5058

Shipyard Services and Marine Engineering in Singapore

Are you looking for Shipyard Services and Marine Engineering in Singapore? We have been providing afloat vessels and barges repair since 1978. Let us help you with your shipyard services at our Singapore Ports. 

Shipyard Services Singapore

These include services like:

  • hull repairs, and maintenance
  • diesel engine maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • fabrication of steel structures

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Logistical and Lifting Support

CASE STUDY A: Assembly of ROV "A" Frame

 remotely operarted vehicle A frame

Background: Client approached Catermas to utilise its crane barges to deliver an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) "A" Frame to a vessel stationed at anchorage. The "A" frame would be delivered in separate parts from the port, assembled by the client and then transported to Catermas yard for the delivery.

Catermas Value Add: Upon further discussion with the client, Catermas counter proposed for the client to ship the "A" frame parts to Catermas yard, and allow the Client's work team to assemble the "A" frame at the yard. Catermas provided yard lifting services, as well as space for the assembly of the "A" frame.

Outcome: Our client was able to mobilise the "A" frame to the vessel without any delay and avoided having to transport the frame from its own facility to Catermas yard as when fully assembled, it would have been an oversized cargo, and this would have resulted in additional logistical support and cost.

CASE STUDY B: Final Assembly and Transportation of Marine Loading Arm

 marine loading arm

Background: Client approached Catermas to transport a marine loading arm to an oil and gas jetty facility. Due to space constraints, Client expressed the need to transport the loading arm in its vertical position to facilitate ease of lifting and installation on site. However, the loading arm was transported to Catermas yard in the horizontal position.

Catermas Value Add: Catermas, with its fleet of heavy lift cranes and waterfront facility, was able to undertake tandem lifting (where 2 cranes simultaneously lifted the item) and manoeuvre the item from its original horizontal position to a vertical position for eventual transportation to the installation site. The Catermas team was also instrumental in providing feedback to secure the item on the deck of the barge to ensure the safety of the crew and item.

Outcome: Our client was able to deliver the item to the installation site without difficulty. Through the entire progress, the Catermas team was providing lifting assistance, as well as feedback to the Client on alternative methods to lash and secure the item on the barge.

Special Projects (on a case by case basis)

CASE STUDY: Retrofitting Spud Handling System on Barge

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Background: COur client approached Catermas with a problem on installing a spud anchor on his barge when there were not provision for spud during the fabrication of the barge. The client wanted the spud system to assist in the barge working condition.

Catermas Value Add: Catermas team worked with the client to propose a design to retrofit the barge with a spud system. The Catermas team provided the idea, but the decision was left with the Client to accept the design and to seek other experts' feedback on the design and certification. The client eventually agreed to the proposal.

Outcome: Catermas team fabricated the items and installed it on the barge, and the Client has been utilising the spud system when the marine barge is deployed for work.